Shortly about the game:


   The Game is being created since November 2014. The Game is based on platform Unity 3D. The genre is RPG. As seen from the name of the Game, the player will use magic only. Forget the pleasant heaviness of the mace, put the sword and the scabbard aside, stop pimping the axe, let your shoulders rest from the shield. It’s time to steamroller the enemies by the force of magic. Burst out, freeze, groove!   




   In our Game primary focus is made on the skills of the hero than on different items of outfitThere are 4 types of items in the Game that you can use: the ring, the amulet, the bracelet and the staff. All in all there will be three schools in the book of skills: the way of Fire and Death, the way of Enerhy and Lightning, the way of Life and Earth. Each school has 12 unique spells. Each spell consists of 10 levels. There are tens of different combinations. There will also be different books for the strengthening of the hero. In addition there will also be the opportunity to destroy unnecessary items and get Energy for them which can be exchanged for the improvement of different characteristics of the hero.


   We create the Game from the players point of view first of all. Our aim is to go through the game within several hours at one sitting. So after finishing it the gamer will want to play it again but in a different manner using other skills and items.


   The Game is fully based on the 3D platform engine. The music is going to be floaty. The levels are very beautiful and developed to details. Gripping story.



About us:


Smirnov Konstantin Viktorovich – game director, programmer.

Shchipin Alexander Sergeevich – level designer, tester.


After the game release in App Store we plan to found a company of game development in the nearest future. 

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